In Focus: An Open Conversation

Alla Efimova led presentation on the Revisions project at the Magnes, which invited artists to create new works in conversation with items from the archival collection. These included Amy Berk's reworking of stained family linens and tablecloths alongside Judaic textiles like a Kiddush Festival cloth; Naomie Kremer's (below)layering of personal family history, watercolors, silhouettes drawn from Roman Vishniac's Vanished World photographs, the photographs themselves, and an animated film combining all these elements; and Jonathon Keats' experiment with intergalactic dialogue - visual abstractions encoded into audio signals, endless loop tapes sent out into space from the museum via a microphone and Slinky antenna. Revisions a descendent of curatorial projects like Fred Wilson's Mining the Museum - itself an Open Source experiment. 

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