Modern Food Rituals

Tuesday at the Magnes!  India Mandelkern talks about Modern Food Rituals exhibition, Berkeley's "Gourmet Ghetto", the origins of the modern food movement, and how principles of food activism (e.g., respect for nature, desire to make eating a sacred act) resonate with Jewish culture and thought. 

Kathleen Moran shares Victorian notion that “every meal is a lesson learned,” speaks about meals/food practices as reflections of values and about food taboos. Food cultures cross borders faster than any other cultural phenomena. And who knew? CA grows 400 different crops – more than any other state.

Sue Fishkoff on kosher food industry: 1st item with OU label was Heinz beans in 1923. Moved from province of minority > 30-40% of domestic food sales - perception of clean, higher quality. Also fits in with increase in politically and morally based diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, etc.). She says Judaism is only religion with rituals for every aspect of food process from planting to eating.

Dave from JCC SF on urban agriculture (connecting to place you live, seed libraries, observing plants) - relates to Tikkun and Shlemut (wholeness)

Ariela about Urban Adamah: one-acre farm infused with Jewish spirituality, run by 12-15 young adults, internships at food justice setting, free weekly farm stand. Food usually travels average of 1500 miles vs 2 centimeters from farm to mouth.  They teach Jewish concepts, connection between adam / adamah, pe'ah (leaving corner of field for those without access to food), ethics associated with land and animals
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