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BKG - The new Jewish museum in Poland (POLIN) is not a museum of Polish history or of the Polish state; nor is it a history of Polish-Jewish relations or a Holocaust museum. It's honoring and recovering 1,000 years of Jewish history in Poland - a mitzvah and an agent for transformation around the world. It's a theater of history - a place for intangible heritage - designed to be memorable, emotional, thought-provoking, with a mode of narration that works against the expected foreshadowing and backshadowing to Holocaust/genocide.

Rabbi Noa Kushner describes San Francisco's The Kitchen - a porous, "say yes," experimental Jewish community, providing both access and content, continually researching the best ways to build Jewish life

Hil Moss of LaPlaca Cohen discusses about Culture Track and its research, the different ways people think of their “cultural” activities, shifts in behavior, loyalty and ways of participating. One finding: despite huge growth in number of mobile devices, few people are using them to enhance cultural experiences on site. But photos/selfies are huge so might tap into that more.

Less interest in being "in the know" than being with who you know - social social social. One half of milllenials will not go to an event on their own. Need to build trust and to be essential - cut through the noise. Be a third place - a civic, social place. Activate all your platforms. Transport and delight people.

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