Curatorial Questions from the Leo Baeck Institute

LBI is creating a new portal for their art collection and trying to figure out how best to serve the interests of Curators who might be searching for things to borrow from them. If you'd be willing to answer a few questions, their staff would be most appreciative - and we might all benefit from the results.

Questions are previewed below here, but you can actually respond to them via this link - - or via email to

Please don't respond on the Ning, but do feel free to comment in more general, philosophical fashion.

Thanks on their behalf.

1. What kinds of materials do you typically use in an exhibition?

  • art
  • decorative arts
  • historical objects
  • other

2. When you are looking for objects in other collections, do you typically look for a specific object, or do you browse from a category of objects (e.g. paintings by Max Liebermann, porcelain from a particular period)

3. What resources do you use to find materials in other collections for your exhibitions?

  • print or online?
  • Catalogue Raisonne
  • Exhibition Catalogs
  • Collection Catalogs
  • Online Collection databases
  • Contacts at other instiutions/private collections
  • Online search engines
  • Subscription image databases
  • Other

4. What ways do you search for artwork in online collection databases?

  • by accession number
  • by keyword
  • by exact phrase
  • by medium
  • by subject
  • by name
  • by style
  • by period or range or years
  • by exact date

5. Which of the aforementioned search methods do you use the most?

6. Are there any online collection databases that you've used that you find particularly easy/enjoyable to use?

7. Are there any online collection databases that you've used that you find difficult or frustrating to use?

8. Is there anything that you would like to mention about your search habits that this survey neglected to ask

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