Questions - Exhibitions

30. What might make a work of art or an exhibition “Jewish” for you?

-        It questions

31. What makes a museum experience memorable for you?

-        I’m old fashioned – an exhilarating object

-        Great exhibition design, clear narrative and meaningful interactives

32. What changing exhibit would you most like to see at a Holocaust museum?

-        Gary Baseman “Mythical Homeland” or Lori Shoket Human Element

33.  What is the name of a museum exhibition that made you cry?

34. What exhibit / art installation / museum experience changed your life?

35. What was the most interesting exhibition you saw in the last year?

-        Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Traditional in a Modern World @ Japanese American National Museum

-        -Prospect 3: Notes from NO (?) Biennial, New Orleans

-        The Matisse Cutouts with an excellent (but informal) tour guide

-        The one upstairs at CJM is pretty great

36. How do you connect contemporary exhibits to Jewish values? And not be preachy?

37. When you decide on visiting a museum, what is the single biggest draw for you?

38. Do you have fun at museums?

39. Did you like going to museums when you were a kid?

-        My grandmother took me every week!  I loved going to the natural history to see blue whale skeletons

-        I remember holding my shoes crying because my feet hurt – Amazing I now love them

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