Questions - Life, etc.

44.  Do you have a spouse supporting your non-profit/museum work?

45.  How can you ease the transition of starting a new job/moving to a new city?

46.  What are you scared of?

47.  What was the best meal you ever ate and why do you think you remember it so fondly?

48. What is the one thing you have done in your life of which you are most proud? Who in yourlife
                  are you most proud of, and why?

49. What kind of world do you want for your grandchildren?

-        One that gives them choices – opportunities to explore

50. What does being Jewish mean to you?

-        -being a caretaker of an ancient and wise tradition with the privilege of adding my voice and the responsibility of passing it on

51. What is art?  How do you know?

52. What does ritual mean to you?

53. How do you preserve memory?

-        As people to tell their stories over and over again! Write them down.

54. How would you spend 24 hours without technology?

-        I do it every week – on Shabbat! Eat, sleep, relax with family, look at flowers, recharge

55. What are you scared of?

56. What book are you reading right now?

57. What is one thing or event that makes you pray?

58. How do we define ourselves?

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