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18. How is your organization going to be a go-to destination 5 years from now? What aspect of your favorite non-museum locale would you like to find at your (or any) museum?

19. Where is a space where you feel a sense of belonging?  What are the place’s characteristics that make you feel that  you belong?

20. What is the best participatory program you have run lately at your institution?

21. I see many grandparents bringing their grandchildren to museums.  How can we bridge generations to create meaningful programs?

22. Can a place/museum exist as exclusive and inclusive without becoming “muddy”?

23. How would you make a Holocaust museum a positive community space with diverse engagement?

24. What have you wanted to produce at your venue that your donors have refused to fund?

25. How do you get more participation at a traditional museum?

26. How can a museum be thought of as being of, by and for a specific congregation (even bearing its name) become accepted by other congregations?

27. Is a historical museum still a ‘real’ museum if it doesn’t have objects?

-      It can have virtual artifacts, photos and stories

28. What does success look like for you in a Jewish museum/cultural center in a historic building?

29. Why do we make a distinction between Jewish art museums and Holocaust museums? When can art from Poland made before the war be at both? [museum]

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