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  1. What would you like a Jewish museum to be?  What should a Jewish museum be? What would you like to see from the Jewish museum of the future? What would you really like to see in a Jewish museum? How do you imagine a 21st century Jewish museum?
  1. Who should a Jewish museum be for?  Who is our audience? Why should people be interested in Jewish museums?
  1. Do you think Jewish museums are “good for the Jews”?  Do you think Jewish museums are growing as the religion is dying?
  1. What is the place of religion in a Jewish museum?

-          Good question – even for discussion of the kosher question in a small museum

-          Sometimes religion (being closed on Shabbat/needing to be kosher) inhibits the museum for the  non-Orthodox

  1. Do Jews think they’re special that they have so many museums?  Is it worth funding museums if the number of visitors is only in the tens of thousands per year?  Do we need to cultivate Jewish museums in areas with large Jewish populations / tourist audiences that don’t already have them? (If yes/no, why or why not?)
  1. What are our limits?  How do we measure success?
  1. How can Jewish museums remain relevant?
    - Create open and creative spaces for discovery / meet people where they are
  1. Do you feel that Jewish museums can bridge schisms between Jewish factions?
  1. What is the most important part of their worldview that Jewish museums should abandon?
  1. How do you feel if the line between expert and amateur disappeared in your field?

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