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11. Why do you work at a Jewish museum? Why did you decide to work in a Jewish museum? Why did you decide to work in a Jewish museum/cultural organization? How did you get started in Jewish museum and cultural work? - My twin passions are Judaism and art

12. If you were not working at a museum, where would you be working?

13. What is your job at your museum? Would you be open to a real change in approach in your professional role? How do you measure your success? (that is, how do you know if you’re doing well?)

14. What keeps you motivated and dedicated to preserving, interpreting and crafting quality Jewish cultural experiences?

15. What was the funniest thing that happened @ work this year so far? What do you enjoy most about your job/work? What do you struggle with most in your current position? What are you doing about it? What is hardest about working in a Jewish museum? - The tension between being welcoming to all and maintaining a Jewish institutional identity - Problem solving

16. What kinds of intellectual play (conversations) would be most exciting for you as a Jewish museum professional?

17. If you could change one thing about the organization you work for, what would it be? What is one thing you can do every day (the same) to make your institution a healthier and more accessible place? How can we realistically put great theories and ideas into practice in our respective institutions?

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